Kylie Grace Baby Shower!

If you are blessed to have a group of friends that really get you {and love you anyway}, know what you’re thinking before you think it, can always pick up where you left off, make you laugh til you cry, and have stood by you in your best moments and your worst, then you can understand what these girls mean to me.

We’ve been friends since we were 10 (some of us longer then that). I could not live life without them. Which brings me to this baby shower!


My friend Sarah {the gorgeous blonde}  is expecting a little girl in October. I cannot wait to meet Kylie Grace {cute name huh?!}!!!!!

When I found out she was pregnant, I could not wait to throw a baby shower. So I was just over the moon excited when we found out the baby is a girl! Any chance to add a ridiculous amount of pink to my life is always welcome!  Enough with my blabbering and on to pictures!

We made the pink cupcake stand with a tutorial found at one of my favorite blogs!

We made the glitter crowns with a tutorial from another blog I love!

I also made these for her as a gift! They were so easy to make and look so precious and girly! Those are my favorite crafts, people are so impressed but they don’t know how simple it really was! Here is the tutorial.

This baby girl is already so loved!


One of my precious besties is a SUPER talented graphic designer and she made these! Serious talent y’all!


My stupid iPhone pic doesn’t do the invite justice, it was seriously so pink and perfect!

I can’t wait to hold precious baby Kylie Grace! And she had a pretty awesome baby shower, if I do say so myself.

Big thanks to Samantha for the awesome pictures!