The Best is Yet to Be

Wow, it’s been a while. So many things have happen. I got to meet the most precious baby ever. She needed to not have visitors for a while so she could gain some weight, but she has a great mommy who takes great care of her! I’ve been doing a wonderful bible study with some great new friends! And….the best news…..I’m going to hosting a super fun, theme-treats filled (yup that happened), fun with friends pumpkin carving party!! That will definitely be posted about Saturday! But for now here’s what I did this weekend!

Let me tell you about my friend Megan. I first met her in 6th grade on the first day of school. I did not pronounce her name correctly and she wasted no time correcting me. The first time I ever went to her house her mom drove up to a historic mansion in Round Rock (which isn’t theirs) and then to a shack (which also isn’t where they live). I almost didn’t get out at their actual house! Megan is a fantastic friend and a beautiful woman! I spent a lot of time with her and her family growing up, and I am so blessed by them.  On Saturday she married her best friend! I don’t get to see her enough, since she lives in Abilene, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to go to a beautiful wedding. Better yet, a beautiful wedding of a wonderful friend! The wedding was so personal, which I feel like lots of weddings are lacking, but not overly sappy and long.In other words, it was perfect!


The happy newlyweds!                

Best friends! This girl is getting married in March!!


I spent the weekend with my parent’s best friends who live in Abilene! We spend lots of time together and our families are basically family. It’s that kind of relationship. Carla and I both share a love of crafts! She happened to be getting rid of craft stuff this weekened, and I was glad to give it a home! I got some fun lace, and two things that will become a jewelry organizer and a scarf rack! I also got the best thing ever…..all her glitter!!!!! It fills a whole canister….I’m one happy girl!

Is there a more beautiful sight?!

That was my weekend! Look for some fun craft projects and a Halloween party!

















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